ermahgerd nerls

Dana, 18. College student seeking creative outlet. My goal is to bring you easy but amazing nail designs that require no effort and little outside materials. I will have none of this professional nail art tool bullshit. I also promise never to spend more than six dollars on a single bottle of polish (I'm looking at you, Essie), because you can achieve the same level of professionalism without the salon price.

(girl on) FIRE nails!

I applied the yellow as my base color, then the orange, bright red and dark red for the flames. Wipe most of the polish off of the brush and do your brushstrokes starting from the end of your nail. It might help to sort of turn your hand to face you so you can keep your brush hand in its normal position.

I found a clear glow-in-the-dark polish at the dollar store that I used as a topcoat - great for parties!

Oddly enough, none of the polishes I used for this had labels, so I can’t give you a supply list. Here’s my advice to pull off this look: use a solid yellow, not too shiny; a sheer orange, more of a burnt color than a pastel; a fire-engine red to make that layer pop; and a deep red to complete the color range. For the orange and reds: the less opaque the color is, the better it will look as a gradient. Use something sheer so you can layer effectively.

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