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Dana, 18. College student seeking creative outlet. My goal is to bring you easy but amazing nail designs that require no effort and little outside materials. I will have none of this professional nail art tool bullshit. I also promise never to spend more than six dollars on a single bottle of polish (I'm looking at you, Essie), because you can achieve the same level of professionalism without the salon price.

Penn State nails for the football game vs. Navy tomorrow!

M&M nails! These were pretty straightforward - picked five colors (in this case, try to avoid shimmers like the purple on my pinky), waited till they were COMPLETELY dry, then went at ‘em with the nail art pen.

You could do the m’s with a fine tip brush, like I tried to do (the ring finger is the most noticeable), but it didn’t really work, so I’d recommend splurging on the pen for this one.

I also got a new top coat and it’s LOVELY. Seriously, if you’re ever going to spend a lot of money on something, do it on a really good top coat.

Base coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener/Base - $3
Red: it came in a five pack of tiny polishes from Ross and has no labels or anything I’m sorryyyy
Orange: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed (150) - $2.50
Yellow: Cosmetic Arts in Yell-Oh! - $2 (I think)
Blue: Funky Fingers in 220 Volts - $2
Purple: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Deep Purple (80) - $2.50
White: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White - $7 (I get these from Bed Bath & Beyond since they always have 20% off coupons in the newspapers. Suck it $6-and-below rule)
Top coat: Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat (950) - $5.75

Never Nude by Cirque, an indie polish company in New York. LOOK AT THAT HOLOGRAPHIC RAINBOW BEAUTY. ugh I can’t. so much want.

Clickthrough to check out the rest of their Dark Horse collection, which features a bunch of different duochromes, glitters, holographics and shimmers. They’re all gorgeous, if wildly expensive. But hey, at least they’re made in the US, and I might break my nothing-under-six-dollars rule if it means supporting an American artist and getting that gorgeous polish.

I’ve been moving and settling in to college for the past week, so I haven’t had a chunk of four hours to sit down, do my nails all nice, and take pictures. Please bear with me; I’ve put an idea on my to-do list for this week.

(girl on) FIRE nails!

I applied the yellow as my base color, then the orange, bright red and dark red for the flames. Wipe most of the polish off of the brush and do your brushstrokes starting from the end of your nail. It might help to sort of turn your hand to face you so you can keep your brush hand in its normal position.

I found a clear glow-in-the-dark polish at the dollar store that I used as a topcoat - great for parties!

Oddly enough, none of the polishes I used for this had labels, so I can’t give you a supply list. Here’s my advice to pull off this look: use a solid yellow, not too shiny; a sheer orange, more of a burnt color than a pastel; a fire-engine red to make that layer pop; and a deep red to complete the color range. For the orange and reds: the less opaque the color is, the better it will look as a gradient. Use something sheer so you can layer effectively.

20 followers in 24 hours?!? I don’t care if you’re all from facebook, I love you guys <3


Tomorrow I’m planning to make a step-by-step tutorial for Nyan Cat nails! GET EXCITED.

Eventually, after I’ve uploaded a bunch of designs, I want to make a list of the polishes I have found to be the most versatile - sort of an essentials kit for budding nail artists.

I’m also weighing the pros and cons of moving all of this to a Blogger blog. I feel like I would have more room to format my posts the way I want, but with Tumblr it’s ridiculously easy to follow people. If anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated!

Finally, I submitted one of my designs to Hello Giggles a long while back, hoping to make it onto their Daily Nails page. I don’t check very frequently, so if you see me up there, let me know!!

Always feel free to leave questions or comments in my askbox :]

Thank you all for following and I’m really excited to share my designs with you!

FINALLY figured out how to make my own dotting tool! I didn’t have the supplies for the pin-and-eraser method (college problems), so I just cut a q-tip in half and smoothed it down a little with a nail file. That way, I can dot with one end and use the cotton end to clean up my edges!

A tip for dotting: if the dots aren’t laying flat, your polish may be too thick. Try thinning it out a little by mixing with about a q-tip’s worth of remover. (Q-tips: the tool of nail art champions.)

Base coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener/Base - $3
Base color: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet (340) - $2.50
Dots: NYC Long Wearing in French White Tip (134) - $1.50
Topcoat: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat - $3.75

My take on the splatter paint nails I see on Pinterest ALL THE TIME. Since I’m a lazy shit, I did mine without any extra materials.

I made this design by getting all of the excess polish off of the brush and using short brushstrokes, starting from the corner and working outward. If I needed to add a pop of color here and there, I would turn the brush vertical to my nail and add it that way, instead of holding it at the traditional angle.

I like this design because it requires little to no effort or finesse - your white coat doesn’t have to be perfect or even very good because you can cover up inconsistencies with the colors later!
(I apologize for my index finger: playing volleyball before taking pictures is not a good idea.)

Base coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener/Base - $3
Base color: NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in French White Tip (134) - $2
Pink: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme in Twisted Pink (240) - $2.50
Blue: NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Empire State Blue (140) - $2
Green: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme in Mint Sorbet (340) - $2.50
Purple: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme in Deep Purple (08) - $2.50
Topcoat: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat - $3.75

we’re in space.

Layering done using a makeup sponge!
BE VERY SKIMPY WITH THE RED. it can overpower the whole thing. if you mess it up, try adding yellow and/or orange to subdue it.
Something fun to do with this - add constellations with the white pen! I put Orion on my ring finger… since it’s the only constellation I recognize. hashtag uncultured.

Supplies, in order of application:
Base coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener/Base - $3
Base color: Avon Nailwear Pro in N803 (Textured Teal) - $6
Darkish blue: Pure ICE Celestial in 775CP - $1.50
Light blue: NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Cashmere Creme (124) - $2
a yellow, an orange and a red that have no labels - I’m pretty sure they came in a rinky dink dollar store nail polish pack. If you can, aim for a more burnt orange than a pastel one.
White dots: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White - $5
Glitter coat: NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in White Lights Glitter (101A) - $2
Topcoat: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat - $3.75